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Today I rallied

I arrived at Queen's Park promptly at 10am, along with about 2000 other people. There were actors, extras, unions, schmoozers, post production people and more. My work made a float and parked it right on University Ave. A few Canadian celebrities spoke, and some sign shaking occured. There were big slushy raindrops falling and the lawn turned to a muddy bog, but we were in high spirits despite being cold. Before long, the sky brightened, the rain stopped, leaving the sun to shine down on us. So terribly symbolic. Felt good to be a part of it all, hope somone was listening.

Thank you IATSE for initiating this event. Even us NABET folks were there and wanted to show you gratitude. We may be competition, but we all have the same goals, and it doesn't hurt to unite.
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