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In Union News

I am about to quote from my local union's's facts.

"The past three years has seen a significant decline in revenue, while expenses have remained fairly constant. Producer levies are lower and permits aren't working, so permit fees are down dramatically. The Executive Board and I (Ross Leslie Business Manager) have been concerned about this for quite awhile, and have tried to find an option that would balance our books, not drastically alter the integrity of the structure we have put in place, and be the least offensive to the membership. We didn't want to propose a universal dues increase, so we opted for the path that the other Unions and Guilds have taken; the implementation of working dues in which members still pay the current dues, but also pay a percentage of salary earned."

Wow, this bites. I am currently paying $600 a year to be a member of this union, plus $660 in benefits annually for a single person. So during the holiday season while I'm already strapped for cash I have to dish out my quarterly payments. Then some day when I have the priviledge of another film gig, I will get to pay them 2% of my paycheque. I know they are trying to find the less painfull route, and I am greatfull that there was a pay increase this year. When oh when will this industry pick up?!?!

I found great comfort in the pace of working in theatre this fall. Unfortunately for slightly less pay and weekly work as opposed to full time...I had to turn down what I'm sure will be the last of the daily calls this season has to offer.

Time to seek independant work?
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