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I started this community because there are so many film technicians in the GTA and surrounding areas, and I'm pretty sure we have alot to talk about. Many catastrophic events happened this season that have really limited the number of shows in town this year. I'm sure there are many people wondering if they chose the wrong career, or if they will ever work again. SARS, the Canadian dollar, Schwarzenegger and our provinces lack of interest in trying to give greater tax incentives....all of these are factors in the lack of work.

I personally am in wardrobe and I have had so little work this year I have moved on to theatre. I am very optimistic and I do plan on being very active in my community to find ways to get people educated on what we can do to get work in this business. Simple things like writing letters to our MP's, and getting a good network of talent going here are a start.

Of course, there is always room for venting, gossip and classifieds. So have fun and meet people.

Go ahead and introduce yourself as you join. Mention your union affilation, department and anything you've worked on if you wish.

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